Siemens HB778G3B1B

Siemens HB778G3B1B
Siemens HB778G3B1B Siemens HB778G3B1B Siemens HB778G3B1B
Siemens HB778G3B1B

  • Shorten your cooking time thanks to fast preheat, coolStart and activeClean. And remote control your oven from anywhere with Home Connect.

  • TFT-Touchdisplay Pro – Large colour touch display for comfortable operation.

  • cookControl Pro – Excellent results, whatever the recipe or circumstances.

  • Oven Assistant with Voice Control – Intuitively set the right programme.

  • activeClean® – The automatic, self-cleaning oven system.

  • humidClean Plus - For fast cleaning dirt is softened beforehand by vaporizing soapy water. It can then be removed more easily.

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Siemens iQ700 Oven - HB778G3B1B

The Siemens HB778G3B1B Oven is one of the amazing cooking appliances that is designed to simplify and enhance your cooking experience. With innovative features like fast preheat, coolStart, and activeClean, this oven streamlines meal preparation and maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your creations. The TFT-Touchdisplay Pro offers a large, vibrant colour touch screen for intuitive and convenient operation. Whether you're adjusting settings or exploring recipes, this display makes navigation effortless.


Achieve culinary perfection effortlessly with this model from the Siemens ovens collection. CookControl Pro can help you deliver excellent results for every dish regardless of your cooking conditions. The Oven Assistant with Voice Control takes convenience to new heights, allowing you to effortlessly set programs using voice commands. Forget about tedious oven cleaning with activeClean®. This self-cleaning system automatically removes dirt and grease, leaving your oven spotless with minimal effort. Plus, the humidClean Plus feature softens dirt with vaporised soapy water, making cleaning quicker and more efficient. Take charge of your cooking experience from anywhere with Home Connect, enabling remote oven management via smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t matter whether you're a seasoned chef or just a cooking enthusiast, the Siemens HB778G3B1B Oven empowers you to create exceptional meals effortlessly and with style.


13 Heating Methods:

  • 4D Hot Air – This innovative feature ensures even heat distribution throughout the oven cavity, allowing for consistent baking results on multiple levels simultaneously. It's perfect for baking cakes, cookies, and pastries.
  • Conventional Top & Bottom Heating – Ideal for traditional baking and roasting, this setting provides classic heat distribution from both the top and bottom heating elements, giving your dishes a golden and crispy finish.
  • Hot Air Grilling – Combining hot air circulation with the grill function, this mode delivers crispy and evenly grilled dishes, making it ideal for preparing meats, vegetables, and kebabs.
  • Full Width Grill – Ensures uniform grilling across the entire width of the oven, suitable for larger food items like whole chickens or fish fillets.
  • Half Width Grill – Offers precise grilling for smaller portions, ensuring that every part of your dish receives consistent heat for a perfectly grilled result.
  • Pizza Setting – Optimised settings specifically designed for achieving the perfect pizza crust—ideal for homemade or frozen pizzas.
  • coolStart – Enables rapid preheating of the oven without the need for preheating, saving you time and energy when you're in a hurry to start cooking.
  • Bottom Heat – Delivers gentle and consistent heat from the bottom of the oven, ideal for dishes that require delicate cooking such as casseroles and custards.
  • Low-Temperature Cooking – For slow and tender cooking at lower temperatures, perfect for braising meats or simmering stews.
  • Keep Warm – Maintains dishes at an optimal serving temperature until you're ready to enjoy your meal, ensuring that food stays warm and ready to serve.
  • Plate Warming – Keeps plates warm and ready for serving, enhancing the dining experience by ensuring meals are enjoyed at the perfect temperature.
  • Hotair Gentle – Provides gentle heat distribution for delicate baking tasks like soufflés or meringues, ensuring even cooking without risking over-browning.
  • Conventional Heat Gentle – Offers precise heat control at lower temperatures, making it ideal for gentle baking of delicate pastries, biscuits, and desserts.
The oven temperature ranges from 30 °C to 275 °C, allowing precise control for various cooking needs from gentle warming to high-temperature baking. Generous 71-litre oven cavity volume, providing ample space to cook multiple dishes or large meals with ease.


The Siemens HB778G3B1B Built-in Oven from the iQ700 series has a sophisticated design that can easily integrate into modern kitchens. With its standard 60 x 60 cm dimensions and stylish black finish, this oven enhances the aesthetic appeal of any culinary space. The touch control interface offers intuitive operation, allowing precise adjustment of cooking settings with a simple touch. Inside, the cavity features an enamel anthracite surface, not only enhancing durability but also providing an elegant backdrop for your culinary creations.


Experience exceptional performance and precision cooking with the Siemens HB778G3B1B Built-in Oven. This oven is engineered to deliver outstanding results while seamlessly fitting into your kitchen space. With appliance dimensions of 595 mm in height, 594 mm in width, and 548 mm in depth, it offers a spacious cavity volume of 71 litres, providing ample room for cooking large meals or multiple dishes simultaneously. The oven's dimensions, ranging from 585 mm to 595 mm in height, 560 mm to 568 mm in width, and 550 mm in depth, ensure a perfect fit within standard kitchen cabinetry. If you’re looking to start baking, roasting, or grilling, this oven combines performance with precise dimensions to meet your cooking needs efficiently.
Technical Specification
  • Plug type no plug (electrical connection by electrician)
  • Connecting cable type
  • Length of electrical supply cord 120.0   cm
  • Nominal power 220-240   V
  • Connection Rating 3600   W
  • Fuse protection 16   A
  • Included user manuals
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