As a kitchen specialist we require 3 or more products to be purchased.

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If designing your dream kitchen, you’ll want to add a Neff integrated washing machine that looks great and provides superior performance. Our range of Neff integrated washing machines can be purchased as part of a number of essential kitchen appliances online, helping you to create a fully functional kitchen that stands out using the latest in appliance technology. Browse and enquire online today and choose an integrated washing machine from Neff as part of your 3 appliance order.

Neff Integrated Washing Machines

An integrated appliance is the perfect way to have all the essentials in your kitchen to fit your design. Many can be hidden behind doors or units that provide a seamless aesthetic that looks great. Neff is a leading manufacturer of appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, cookers, and fridges, and is a top choice for those needing reliable options that will provide long-lasting use.

A Neff built-in washing machine is ready to fit in a unit space within your design, with many in compact sizes as well as larger options to suit the use you need, such as if you are a large family that needs to do a lot of washing. Many can fit as much as 8kg of washing with speeds up to 1400 rpm, ensuring fast, optimal washing results. With multiple washing programmes, you can choose the type of wash cycle from eco-washes that help you save water, to washer-dryer units that can both wash and sufficiently dry your washing load.

From super quick 15-minute washes to silent programmes that minimise the noise of a busy spin cycle, the range of Neff integrated washing machines is a smart choice for those looking for cost-effective options with great daily performance.

Choose a Neff Integrated Washing Machine Online

Here at Lambert Welch Kitchens, we have all of your appliance needs ready to go, and as we are a specialist, we can provide group orders of at least 3 appliances together. So, if you want to take advantage of the great range of Neff integrated washing machines, you’ll also want to browse the other Neff appliances we have.

No kitchen is complete without a reliable oven, and we have many Neff ovens to choose from that will complement your choice of an integrated washing machine from Neff. You’ll also want to browse Neff dishwashers too to complete your trio of appliances to order today. If you have any specific requirements or need to ask a question, we’re available to help by contacting us. Once you have placed an order for 3 appliances, we can contact you about delivery so that you can get your new Neff integrated washing machine to your door, so that you can install to use without collecting.

We hope you can find a built-in washing machine from Neff that suits your requirements alongside our other appliances to fully complement your new kitchen makeover or design. If the Neff range isn’t for you, browse our many other manufacturers available including Siemens and Elica