As a kitchen specialist we require 3 or more products to be purchased.

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Neff Integrated Fridge Freezers

Solving the space issue in your kitchen with a sleek solution, a NEFF integrated fridge freezer is the ideal choice to maintain your design aesthetic. Ordered alongside other NEFF appliances we have available, you can have your kitchen fully fitted using NEFF’s innovative solutions through us. You can order online with ease, and we require appliances to be ordered in groups of three, so browse and discover the available options here at Lambert Welch Kitchens.

Built-In NEFF Fridge Freezers

A built-in solution for your kitchen can provide the perfect aesthetic that ensures a uniform look for all appliances. You can have all of your cabinet doors covering everything from ovens to fridge freezers and dishwashers, hiding them away. The range from NEFF is the ideal integrated option that will provide practical use when needed, and out of sight storage when not. NEFF fridge freezers come stocked with features to ensure your food and beverages stay at the correct temperature for freshness. Many years of research and testing are behind their highly rated appliances, ensuring your purchase provides long-term use that keeps your veg as fresh as possible and your frozen goods and the perfect temperature for storage.

There are different styles of NEFF integrated fridge freezers you can choose for your kitchen, from larger American-style designs to more compact options for smaller rooms. Whether single or double doors, you can find the right fit for your kitchen design for a modern finish. NEFF use an innovative food preservation system called FreshSafe, designed for perfect performance. No longer will you have to worry about fresh ingredients not lasting, helping you cut down on food waste and your weekly shopping bill. This is part of NEFF’s commitment to reducing food waste, with the FreshSafe system helping your fruit and vegetables preserve up to 50% more vitamins.

Whilst a NEFF integrated fridge freezer is stylishly minimalist to hide away for discreet use, you can choose a range of heights and sizes to fit. If you have a large family, you’ll want to opt for a large fridge unit to ensure you have plenty of space, so you’ll find options for not just 50/50 NEFF fridge freezers, but also variations of this. Whatever integrated solution you require for food storage, you’ll find it with NEFF.

Add a NEFF Integrated Fridge Freezer to your Order Today

At Lambert Welch Kitchens, we provide our customers with the latest innovations in appliance technology. NEFF are one of the many premium manufacturers we can help you with, and you’ll find our full range of appliances will give you plenty to think about when choosing your next purchase. As a kitchen specialist, we require every order to include at least three appliances. Whilst choosing a new NEFF integrated fridge freezer, be sure to check the range of NEFF cooking appliances as well as NEFF washing machines and more.

If you have any questions about your order or want to learn more about NEFF and the other manufacturers we stock, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.