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Siemens Extractor Fan

Here at Lambert Welch, we are on hand to provide you with the very best of the Siemens extractor fan and hood range to suit your kitchen designs and needs. Regardless of your reason or purchase, we have all the options you could ever need for practicality and thoughtful design. With so many Siemens extractor fan styles, our friendly team is on hand to help you find the perfect one for your kitchen.


We are a trusted partner for Siemens appliances since 2007 – we are the first port of call for all things Siemen. With over 35 years of advice in kitchens and appliances such as the Siemens extractor fans, our sales team is on hand to help you. Whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen design, we have a siemens hob extractor to suit your needs.

With the option to speak to us through both an email link and by visiting our showroom, you can begin to select the perfect kitchen appliances. Should you find you want to take a visit to our showroom, please book this beforehand. When you purchase any Siemens hob extractor or Siemens extractor fan from us, we offer a full manufacturer’s warranty to reassure you that you’re getting the very best from each of your kitchen appliances.

We also ensure that each of our products is brand new to ensure that every Siemens hob extractor that you unbox and fit within your kitchen is not only covered by warranty but is ready to use.


The Siemens hob extractors boast a distinctive design using glass and chrome lines to suit contemporary kitchen designs. Their ventilation systems are created with powerful technology that harmonise with our Siemens appliances. Whatever style of our siemens extractor fan you choose, there will be something to suit and express creative freedom.


We have a comprehensive range of Siemens hob extractor hoods in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs, all of which offer low noise levels and excellent extraction rates. With our range of Siemens Hob extractor hood, you can choose from an array of styles explained below, all of which are suitable for either ducting or recirculating.

Siemens Flush Ceiling Extractor - The flush ceiling Siemens hob extractor hoods are discreet and pace-saving, fitting elegantly into contemporary kitchen designs. They are a great option for suspended ceilings or bespoke installations.

Siemens Island Extractors – also known as freestanding hoods, the Island Extractors are large and can be pricey. This type of siemens extractor hood is a good choice for large kitchens as they provide a striking look – they attach directly to the ceiling, so space is key!

Siemens Wall Hung Extractors – wall hung extractors are chimney-style siemens extractor hoods. They are a good choice for large cookers that are located where wall cupboards would look out of place. They help complete your kitchen design.

Siemens Telescopic Extractors – Almost invisible, this type Siemens extractor fan is fresh, clean and in keeping with modern kitchens. They are compact siemens extractor hoods, that disappear almost entirely in an upper cabinet, leaving space for other things like a spice rack.

Siemens Integrated Extractors – this type of siemens extractor hood fit inside a kitchen wall cabinet and therefore can be disguised within kitchen designs. They’re a good choice if you're short on space and don't want to make features of siemens extractor hoods.

Siemens Downdraft Extractors - These are perfect for minimalist kitchens. The downdraft style of Siemens extractor hood is new and relatively expensive. They hide away in a worktop, behind a hob when not in use. At the press of a button, they rise to suck in moisture, smells, and grease from cooking

Siemens Canopy Extractors – Canopy hoods sit flush with the underside of kitchen wall units. This style of siemens extractor hood is a good option if you have limited space.


With the ability to choose from Siemens extractor fans as well as Siemens ovens and hobs plus so much more, we make kitting out kitchens easy. With the ability to browse our Siemens hob extractors online and find the right one, it is as simple as measuring and ordering your appliances straight to your shipping address.

With the delivery of your appliances calculated when you are purchasing your items, you can benefit from clear and efficient delivery.

Find out more about the Siemens extractor hoods we have available here by getting in touch with us.