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NEFF Integrated Washer Dryers

Having an all-in-one appliance to wash and dry your laundry saves space in your kitchen or utility room. The range from NEFF provides a convenient solution for properties short on space but needing an appliance that does both. Below, you will find the full range of NEFF integrated washer dryers, built with efficiency by design and features that make washing and drying simple. Buy online today as part of your 3 appliance order and have a fully fitted kitchen in no time.

NEFF Built-In Washer Dryers

NEFF washer dryers are some of the most innovative on the market. Providing many settings that make washing a breeze, from quiet drying that reduces the sound emitted superbly, to eco-washing settings at low temperatures. With their built-in, integrated washer dryers, you have the option for hidden usage that fits in with your kitchen design. As washing machines and dryers are practical, functional appliances rather than stylish, they may look out of place in a premium-looking kitchen design. Having a NEFF integrated washer dryer enables it to be out of sight when not used, and easily accessible when you need it.

The other advantage of having a NEFF washer dryer that is integrated is the amount of space it saves. Rather than having two similar size appliances that take up two units in your kitchen or utility room, having one that does both is always welcome. Not every property has the luxury of a large kitchen or a separate utility room, so being able to save space with a NEFF integrated washer dryer is beneficial for many people.

The same features you can expect in two separate appliances you’ll find packed into a NEFF washer dryer. For those who want to lower their bills, eco-wash settings can ensure high-quality washing whilst at a lower temperature. Quiet spin cycles for drying that will ensure your washer dryer isn’t the loudest noise in the room, and quick washes for optimum washing speed, up to 65% quicker than a regular wash. The efficient silent drive motor ensures either washing or drying is kept at a whisper. Many NEFF washer dryers also feature a large LCD display that makes usage even easier and simpler to choose the programme you need.

Buy a NEFF Washer Dryer Online

Washer dryers are part of a full range of NEFF appliances we have at Lambert Welch Kitchens. As kitchen specialists, we can help you fully kit out your kitchen with everything you need from ovens to cookers, dishwashers to washing machines. Whilst individually the ranges we stock are a perfect addition to your home, all orders require 3 appliances to be purchased together. This means if you are looking to upgrade multiple appliances in your home, you’ve come to the right place. We have a selection of the latest appliances from the best manufacturers available. Including NEFF washer dryers and other products, we have Siemens, Elica, Miele and more.

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