Neff T16NBE1L

Neff T16NBE1L
Neff T16NBE1L Neff T16NBE1L Neff T16NBE1L
Neff T16NBE1L

N 50, Electric hob, 60 cm, Black

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Brand: Neff

Product Code: T16NBE1L

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  • Standalone electric hob with TouchControl
  • Touch Control – Control your hob with just one touch and a timer.
  • Flexibility of cooking zones
  • Cooking zone front left: 145 mm, 1.2 KW Cooking zone rear left: 180 mm, 2 KW Cooking zone rear right: 145 mm , 1.2 KW Cooking zone front right: 210 mm, 2.2 KW
  • Usage convenience
  • Touch Control Basic: control the power with imprinted +/- touch buttons. Variable 17-stage power settings for each zone: precisely adapt the heat with 17 power levels (9 main levels and 8 intermediate levels). Switch-off timer: switches off the cooking zone at the end of the time set (e.g. for boiled eggs). Count-down Timer: an alarm sounds at the end of the time set (e.g. for pasta).
  • Safety
  • 2 stage residual heat indicators: indicates which cooking zones are still hot or warm. Control panel lock: prevent unintended activation of the hob. Main switch: switch off all cooking zones at the touch of a button. Power on indicator light: indicates if the hob is heating. Safety cut out facility: for safety reasons, heating stops after a preset time if not used (possible to customise).
  • Installation
  • Dimensions of the product (HxWxD mm): 45 x 592 x 522 Required niche size for installation (HxWxD mm) : 45 x 560 x (490 - 500) Min. worktop thickness: 16 mm Connected load: 6.6 KW
Technical Specification
  • Hob type Radiant cooktop
  • Number of cooking zones 4
  • Cooking zone flexibility Ring zone
  • Frame type Frameless
  • User interface TouchControl
  • Avoid scorching with frying sensor No
  • Plug type no plug (electrical connection by electrician)
  • Home Connect No
  • Design
  • Hob type Radiant cooktop
  • Basic surface material Ceramic
  • Main colour of product Black
  • Frame type Frameless
  • Color of frame
  • Installation
  • Dimensions 45 x 592 x 522   mm
  • Type of appliance width 60   cm
  • Min. required niche size for installation (HxWxD) 45 x 560-560 x 490-500   mm
  • Installation niche size for flush appliances   mm
  • Minimum worktop thickness 16   mm
  • Connection rating 6600   W
  • Length of electrical supply cord   cm
  • Plug type no plug (electrical connection by electrician)
  • Flexibility of cooking zones
  • Number of cooking zones 4
  • Cooking zone flexibility Ring zone
  • Dimensions of the heating elements 1 x 18,0 cm Ø, 1 x 21,0 cm Ø, 2 x 14,5 cm Ø
  • Power of the heating elements 1 x 2.0 KW, 1 x 2.2 KW, 2 x 1.2 KW
  • Number of electric warming zones 0
  • Comfort
  • User interface TouchControl
  • Zone Light No
  • Favourite button No
  • hotplate control settings Variable 17-stage power settings for each zone
  • Keep warm function No
  • Timer Count-down timer (on appliance)Switch-off timer (on appliance)
  • Time saving and efficiency
  • heating with booster
  • Pan boost No
  • Automatic boil start No
  • Automatic linking/ separating of cooking zones No
  • Increase/ decrease power level via Power Move No
  • Power Transfer No
  • Automatic zone selection No
  • Quick Start No
  • Restart Yes
  • Quick switch-off Yes
  • Energy consumption display No
  • Cooking assistance
  • Find the right setting with Dish assistant No
  • Cooking Sensor No
  • Cooking Sensor Ready No
  • Avoid scorching with frying sensor
  • Connectivity
  • Home Connect No
  • Home Connect Features
  • Control your hood with your Home Connect hob  No
  • Smart Hood Automatic No
  • Smart Home Trigger for individual configuration No
  • Updateable appliance (available with connected Home Connect account): keep appliance always up to date with latest status of software. No
  • Power consumption off   W
  • Power consumption standby/display on   W
  • Power consumption standby/display off   W
  • Time auto-standby/network   min
  • Time auto-off   min
  • Time auto-standby/display on   min
  • Time auto-standby/displ. off   min
  • Power consumption standby/network: Please check the user manual for how to switch off the WiFi module.   W
  • Savety
  • Residual heat indicator Separate
  • Safety device childproof lockSafety time-switch-off
  • Number of plate on indicators 1
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