Siemens SN61HX02AG

Siemens SN61HX02AG
Siemens SN61HX02AG Siemens SN61HX02AG
Siemens SN61HX02AG
Siemens SN61HX02AG, iQ100, Fully-integrated dishwasher, 60 cm
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Brand: Siemens

Product Code: SN61HX02AG

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  • Professional wifi-enabled dishwasher with program status projection on the floor, operable using a smartphone or voice assistant device.
  • Home Connect: Access and control your dishwasher, no matter where you are
  • varioSpeed Plus on demand – for a cycle time up to three times faster, connectable any time, anywhere thanks to the Home Connect app.
  • flex baskets – for a great deal of flexibility and ease of use during loading and unloading
  • Favourite button – combine your personal programs and options in one button. For a fast, comfortable and individual program selection.
  • infoLight shines with a blue light on the kitchen floor when running but goes out when the washing and drying cycle is over.
  • 5 programmes: Eco 50 °C, Auto 45-65 °C, Intensive 70 °C, 1 hour 65 °C, Favourite
  • Default favourite programme: Pre-Rinse
  • 4 special options: Remote Start, intensiveZone, Half Load, Speed on Demand - varioSpeed Plus
  • Machine care programme
  • Silence on demand (via app)
  • flex baskets
  • 3 stage rackMatic height-adjustable top basket
  • Low friction wheels on bottom basket
  • Rack Stopper to prevent derailing of bottom basket
  • 2 foldable plate racks in top basket
  • 4 foldable plate racks in bottom basket
  • Knife rack in top basket
  • Cutlery basket in bottom basket
  • Upper rack cup shelf
  • Controls on top edge of door
  • infoLight (blue) - Light projection on the floor
  • Time delay (3, 6 or 9 hours)
  • aquaStop®: Siemens home appliances’ warranty in case of water damage – for the lifetime of the appliance.*
  • Self-cleaning filter system with 3 piece corrugated filter
  • steam protection plate
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 81.5 x 59.8 x 55cm
  • Energy Efficiency Class¹: D
  • Energy² / Water³: 84 kWh / 9.5 litres
  • Capacity: 13 place settings
  • Programme duration⁴: 4:55 (h:min)
  • Noise level: 48 dB(A) re 1 pW
  • Noise Efficiency Class: C
Technical Specification
  • Product groupDishwasher
  • BrandSiemens
  • Product name / Commercial codeSN61HX02AG
  • Internal article numberSN61HX02AG
  • EAN code4242003896457
  • DesignBuilt-in
  • Installation typeFully integrated
  • Column installationYes
  • Control panelElectronic
  • Location of control panelControls at the top
  • Type of control setting and signalling devicespush-buttontouch buttons
  • Removable work topNo
  • Door panel optionsNot possible
  • Main colour of productN/A
  • Basic color of productN/A
  • Tub materialStainless steel
  • Hidden heating elementYes
  • Connection Rating (kW)2400 W
  • Current (A)10 A
  • Nominal power (kW)220-240 V
  • Frequency (Hz)50; 60 Hz
  • Approval certificatesCEVDE
  • Length of electrical supply cord (cm)175 cm
  • Plug typeGB plug
  • Length inlet hose (cm)165 cm
  • Length outlet hose (cm)190 cm
  • Adjustable plinthboth horizontal and vertical
  • Possible adjustment of the plinth (mm/mm)4 0- 90- / 9 0- 160- mm
  • Height of removable worktop (mm)0 mm
  • Adjustable feetYes - all from front
  • Maximum adjustability feet (mm)60 mm
  • Dimensions815 mm
  • Width of the appliance598 mm
  • Dimensions550 mm
  • Depth with open door 90 degree (mm)1150 mm
  • Height of the packed product (mm)880 mm
  • Width of the packed product (mm)660 mm
  • Depth of the packed product (mm)670 mm
  • Minimum height for installation (mm)815 mm
  • Maximum height for installation (mm)875 mm
  • Minimum width for installation (mm)600 mm
  • Maximum width for installation (mm)600 mm
  • Depth for installation (mm)550 mm
  • Weight (kg)33.812 kg
  • Gross weight (kg)36.0 kg
  • Number of place settings13
  • Energy efficiency ratingA++
  • Energy consumption annual (kWh/annum) - NEW (2010/30/EC)262.00 kWh/annum
  • Power consumption in left-on mode (W) - NEW (2010/30/EC)0.50 W
  • Power consumption in off-mode (W) - NEW (2010/30/EC)0.50 W
  • Water consumption annual (l/annum) - NEW (2010/30/EC)2660 l/annum
  • Duration of the left-on mode - NEW (2012/30/EC) (min)0 min
  • Energy label version2017
  • QR Code (EU 2017/1369)HTTPS://EPREL.EC.EUROPA.EU/QR/365255
  • Energy Consumption for 100 cycles Eco Programme (EU 2017/1369)84 kWh
  • The energy consumption of the eco programme in kWH per cycle (EU 2017/1369)0.836 kWh
  • Energy Efficiency Class (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369)D
  • Maximum number of place settings (EU 2017/1369)13
  • The water consumption of the eco programme in liters per cycle (EU 2017/1369)9.5 l
  • Programme duration (EU 2017/1369)4:55 h
  • Airborne acoustical noise emissions (EU 2017/1369)48 dB(A) re 1 pW
  • Airborne acoustical noise emission class (EU 2017/1369)C
  • Energy Efficiency Index (EU 2017/1369)49.9
  • Cleaning performance index (EU 2017/1369)1.12
  • Drying performance index (EU 2017/1369)1.06
  • 0.836 kWh
  • Power consumption in off-mode (EU 2017/1369) W
  • Power consumption in standby mode (EU 2017/1369)0.50 W
  • Power consumption in delay start (EU 2017/1369)4.00 W
  • Power consumption in networked standby mode (EU 2017/1369)2.00 W
  • Drying performanceA
  • Total cycle time of reference programme (min)295 min
  • Cleaning performanceA
  • Noise level (dB)48 dB(A) re 1 pW
  • Reference programmeEco
  • Reference programme temperature (°C)50
  • Energy consumption (kWh)0.92 kWh
  • Water consumption (l)9.5 l
  • Number of programmes5
  • Number of different wash temperatures4
  • Enter the maximum temperature for wash (°C)70 °C
  • Enter the minimum temperature for wash (°C)45 °C
  • Automatic programmeYes
  • Water protection systemTotal system
  • Water protection system descriptionTriple water protection 24h
  • Water softenerYes
  • Maximum accepted water hardness50°DH
  • Maximum temperature for water intake (°C)60 °C
  • Drying systemHeat exchanger
  • Start delay optionsOne time fixed
  • Start delay time max (h)9 h
  • Single basket washingNo possibility
  • Child SafetyNo
  • List of programmesAuto 45-65°CEconomyIntensiveQuick L
  • Additional operational optionshalf loadIntensive ZoneMachine CareRemote Start
  • Stop delay or a start delay optionStart
  • Safety devicetriple water protection 24h
  • Interior lightNo
  • Adjustable upper basketRackmatic 3-stage
  • Largest loadable dish upper basket (cm)27 cm
  • Largest loadable dish lower basket (cm)31 cm
  • Basket with handleBottom basketTop basket
  • Software updateNo
  • Included accessories 2vapor barrier plate
  • Optional accessoriesSZ72010, SZ73000, SZ73001, SZ73005, SZ73010, SZ73035, SZ73056, SZ73300, SZ73640
  • Chemical tax includedN/A
  • Drying progress indicatorEnd of program audiblewater inlet
  • Digital countdown indicatorNo
  • End of cycle indicatorEnd of program audible
  • Salt light indicatorYes
  • Rinse aid light indicatorYes
  • Broadband technologyN/A
  • Communication technologywifi
  • Energy SmartNo
  • Remote accessLAN
  • Possibility of remote update for maintenanceYes
  • Possibility of remote upgradeNo
  • SIM card slot availableNo
  • Possibility of Voice Control
  • Product classiQ100
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