Siemens LD97AA670B

Siemens LD97AA670B
Siemens LD97AA670B Siemens LD97AA670B Siemens LD97AA670B Siemens LD97AA670B
Siemens LD97AA670B
Conveniently placed under the countertop, the elegant and unobtrusive Downdraft hood can be easily raised when needed.

Brand: Siemens

Product Code: LD97AA670B

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  • The 750 m3/h extraction rate supplies clean air when cooking. Video Link
  • The energy-saving LED lighting ensures optimal visibility when cooking. Video Link
  • When required the intensive setting temporarily increases the extraction rate, with automatic revert after 5/10 min Video Link


    • 90 cm wide
    • Touch control with 7-segment display
    • Black glass canopy
    • Height adjustable chimney sections

      Key features

      • Electronic control
      • Electronic power level display
      • Grease filter saturation indicator
      • Adjustable automatic after running
      • 1 x
      • softLight with dimmer function
      • 2 x metal grease filter cassettes
      • Steel filter cover
      • Rim ventilation

        Performance/technical information

        • Suitable for ducted and re-circulating operation
        • Extraction rate according to EN 61591 __ 15 cm:max. Normal use 510 m�_/hIntensive 750 m�_/h
        • Noise level according to EN 60704-3 and EN 60704-2-13 at maximum normal setting: extraction rate: 63 dB (A) re 1pW (49 dB (A) re 20 ��Pa sound pressure)
        • Automatic intensive revert

          Siemens LD97AA670B

          Keeping the environment clean and clear when cooking at home is always number one on our list of priorities, but you would be surprised how often the importance of the downdraft extractor is missed by even the most distinguished of home chefs. Out of all the appliances you could list as a vital statistic to a well-oiled kitchen, chances are the Siemens LD97AA670B wouldn’t be appreciated for the integral piece of the puzzle that it actually is. Cooking up a storm, however, often comes at a price. We’ve all been in smoke-filled kitchens, and we take our downdraft extractors for granted. Clean air is most certainly a luxury in a busy kitchen, but with the Siemens LD97AA670B that does not have to be the case – with new technology and a sleek, classy finish it is fast becoming one of the most sought after downdraft extractors on the market. One of the most contemporary models on the market, the stainless steel Siemens LD97AA670B is equipped with four manageable venting speeds. As a result, you can have the same control over the air in your kitchen as you do over the food.

          Downdraft Extractor

          The technology behind the Siemens LD97AA670B has undoubtedly a breath of fresh air when it comes to downdraft extractor design. Offering you the choice of air recirculation or external venting (with the assistance of a ducting kit), you can manipulate the air flow around your kitchen in order to ensure the environment is as fresh and comfortable as possible. Not only that, the Siemens LD97AA670B comes fully fitted with an energy saving LED light in the cooker hood to guarantee visibility never becomes a problem, giving brilliant illumination over your cooking surface as well as lasting for many times the length of a normal bulb. On the other hand, this may not be convenient for the layout of your kitchen, but this is a range of downdraft extractor that is wholly adaptable. The Siemens LD97AA670B can be placed underneath any counter-top thanks to its unobtrusive design, and called into action when needed.

          Why choose Lambert Welch Kitchens for your Siemens LD97AA670B?

          If there is one thing we have always been passionate about here at Lambert Welch Kitchens, it is top quality. Whether that is in terms of the products we stock, all tried and tested to ensure they perform at the level that we believe our customers deserve, or the level of customer service we are committed to providing with each and every sale. Our experienced team will ensure you receive relevant, informative advice surrounding your purchase, working towards finding the right product for you. Whether it is the Siemens LD97AA670B, another downdraft extractor or any of the other items we have in our extensive catalogue, we are always on hand to assist your purchase. For more information on the products or the services we offer, contact one of specialists at Lambert Welch Kitchens today.
          Technical Specification
          • Typology Traditional
          • Installation typology Half-integrated
          • Operating Mode Convertible
          • Connection Rating (W) 285 W
          • Current (A) 10 A
          • Voltage (V) 230 V
          • Length electrical supply cord (m) 150.0 cm
          • Height of product, without chimney (mm) 652 mm
          • Dimensions of the product, with chimney (if exists) (mm) 652 - 1052 x 880 x 352 mm
          • Type of manual control devices touch control
          • Type of automatic control devices none
          • Number of motors (Stck) 1
          • Total power of the motors (W) 275 W
          • Number of lights (Stck) 1
          • Type of lamps used LED
          • Total power of the lamps (W) 10 W
          • Total luminance (lux) 200 lux
          • Grease filter type Kassette
          • Odour filter No
          • Appliance width 880 mm
          • Design - line Special style
          • Extr rate recircul level 1 min 210 m�_/h
          • Extr rate recircul level 2 380 m�_/h
          • Extr rate recircul level 3 440 m�_/h
          • Extr rate exh air EN 3/150 450 m�_/h
          • Height of the product (mm) 652 - 1052; 652 - 1052 mm
          • Width of the product (mm) 880 mm
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