Siemens Ki22LVS30G

Siemens Ki22LVS30G
Siemens Ki22LVS30G
Siemens Ki22LVS30G built-in fridge freezer for crisper fruit and vegetables that stay fresher for longer thanks to the drawer with corrugated bottom, and very efficient at only A++.

Brand: Siemens

Product Code: Ki22LVS30G

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  • Built-in fridge
  • Sliding hinge
  • KI22LVS30G
  •  An A++ cooling appliance works very efficiently.
  • **** freezer compartment - ideal conditions for frozen goods at -18°C and below.
  • The LED lights up the interior brightly and evenly, without dazzling.
  • Fruit and vegetables stay fresh and crispy as air is able to circulate freely in the vegetable drawer due to the rippled bottom.
  • freshSense uses sensors to keep the inside temperature steady, for guaranteed longer food freshness.

Performance and Consumption

  • Energy efficiency class: A++
  • Energy efficiency class: A++ (148 kWh per year). Actual consumption will depend on how the appliance is used and where it is located.
  • Total net capacity: 124 litres
  • Net fridge capacity: 109 litres
  • Net freezer capacity: 15 litres
  • Noise level dB(A) re 1 pW: 38

Design features

  • Right hinged door, reversible
  • Sliding hinge
  • Bright interior LED fridge light
  • Electronic control (LED chain)
  • 1 compressor/1 cooling circuit

Food freshness system

  • VitaControl - constant temperature by intelligent sensor technologyConstant temperature control by intelligent sensor technology
  • 1 vegetable/salad container - keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for twice as long

Key features - Fridge section

  • 3 removable safety glass shelves of which 2 are easy pull out
  • 1 vegetable/salad container with rippled base for improved air circulation
  • 1 removable door storage compartments.
  • Bright interior LED fridge light

Key features - Freezer section

  • Manual defrost freezer
  • 1 hinged freezer compartment
  • 4 star rating
  • **** freezer 16 l (-18°C and below)
  • Freezing capacity in 24 hours: 2.4 kg
  • Maximum freezer storage time in power failure: 13 hours


  • Bright interior LED fridge light

Dimension and installation

  • Climate class SN-ST (suitable for ambient temperatures between 10 to 38°C)
  • Connection value 90 W
  • Dimensions: 87.4 cm H x 54.1 cm W x 54.5 cm D
  • Niche Dimensions: 88 cm H x 56 cm W x 55 cm D
Technical Specification
Product group Refrigerator   Brand Siemens   Product name/family ***/****-stars, inside lying, one-door   EU category of the household refrigerating appliance model (2010/30/EC) 7   Product name / Commercial code KI22LVS30G   Internal article number KI22LVS30G   EAN code 4242003721445   Product category Upright fridge   Product type One-door   Design Built-in   Installation type Built-in   Type of control Electronic   Type of control setting and signalling devices Super setting fridge , Temperature display fridge   Colour and material     Door panel options Not possible   Alternative colors available     Connection rating (W) 90 W Current (A) 10 A Nominal power (kW) 220-240 V Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz Approval certificates VDE   Number of compressors 1   Length of electrical supply cord (cm) 230 cm Plug type GB plug   Capacity (l) 130 l Total unit gross capacity (Cu Ft)   Cu Ft Capacity (l) 124 l Fridge capacity (l) 114 l Freezer capacity (l) 16 l Star Rating 4   Cellar Gross capacity (l) 0 l Number of independent cooling systems 1   Height (mm) 874 mm Width (mm) 541 mm Depth (mm) 545 mm Depth with open door 90 degree (mm) 1140 mm Adjustable feet No   Height of the packed product (mm) 950 mm Width of the packed product (mm) 620 mm Depth of the packed product (mm) 640 mm Minimum height for installation (mm) 880 mm Maximum height for installation (mm) 880 mm Minimum width for installation (mm) 560 mm Maximum width for installation (mm) 560 mm Depth for installation (mm) 550 mm Net weight (kg) 36.0 kg Gross weight (kg) 39.0 kg Energy efficiency A++: very efficient   Energy consumption (kWh)   kWh Energy consumption annual (kWh/annum) - NEW (2010/30/EC) 148 kWh/annum Refrigerator Net capacity (l) - NEW (2010/30/EC) 109 l Freezer Net capacity (l) - NEW (2010/30/EC) 15 l Frost free system No   Temperature rise time (h) 13 h Freezing capacity (kg/24h) - NEW (2010/30/EC) 2 kg/24h Noise level (dB) 38 dB(A) re 1pW Other separate compartment with other temperature Net capacity (l)   l Climate class SN-ST   Minimum ambient temperature 10 °C Maximum ambient temperature 38 °C Eco label     Available languages display     Warning signal / malfunction No signal   Defrost process fridge section Automatic   Defrost process freezer section Manual   Door opening Right reversible   Fast cooling switch Yes   Fast freezing switch No   Door opened indicator freezer No   Temperature adjustable Yes   Temperature adjustable freezer Yes   Thaw water drainage system No   Interior ventilator No   Cover door installation system Slided-mounted   Freezing drawers (Stck) 0   Number of freezing flaps (Stck) 1   Automatic motor-driven ice-maker No   Shelves for Bottles No   Lockable door No   Number of shelves in fridge compartment 3   Number of Adjustable Shelves in fridge compartment (Stck) 2   Material ofthe shelves Glass   Drawer material Transparent   Thermometer fridge section Digital   Thermometer freeze section None   Beverages compartment Yes   Cheese compartment Yes   Meat compartment Yes   Vegetable compartment Yes   Specialty/fresh food compartment     Included accessories     Optional accessories     Specification of product image MCSA00814041_E9423_KI22LVS30_453706_def.jpg   Highlights Supercooling   Value class iQ300  
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