Neff N23TA29N0

Neff N23TA29N0
Neff N23TA29N0 Neff N23TA29N0
Neff N23TA29N0

The N23TA29N0 gas hob features a heat-resistant ceramic glass surface with adjustable FlameSelect control. Perfect for those looking for precise cooking temperatures thanks to the residual heat indicator that is digitally displayed. Easy to clean and extremely easy to use, the Neff N23TA29N0 will provide the control you’re looking for thanks to its 2 burner hob design.

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Brand: Neff

Product Code: N23TA29N0

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  • FlameSelect - Thanks to the clever control of gas flow, the flame on the 2 burner hob can be precisely adjusted in 9 steps. The N23TA29N0 always provides the same reliable and precise power levels for outstanding cooking convenience. 
  • 7-segment display with residual heat indicator – This provides the Neff N23TA29N0 with a digital display of the power level selected for a particular cooking zone. After the hob is turned off, the indicator informs you of the cooking zone’s residual heat. 
  • The Neff N23TA29N0 is extremely easy-to-clean thanks to its ceramic glass surface.
  • Continuous cast-iron pan supports for maximum stability and cooking convenience.
  • Featuring a 30 cm, Domino gas hob with black ceramic glass. 
  • Design co-ordinated control dials – the N23TA29N0 is very easy to operate and incorporates an attractive design.


  • black ceramic glass
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Domino

Special features

  • FlameSelect with 9 steps
  • LED display for each zone
  • Design co-ordinated control dials
  • Ignition via control dials
  • black cast iron pan supports with protective rubber feet

Power and size:

  • 2 burner hob
  • Center rear: 2.8 KW
  • Center front: Standard burner 1.9 KW

Safety Features

  • Flame failure safety device
  • 2 stage residual heat indicator
  • Factory set for connection to mains gas

Technical information

  • Power cord length 100 cm


  • LPG jets (28-30/37mbar) included
Technical Specification
  •   Modular hob
  • Brand Neff
  • Product name/family Vario/Domino gas hob w control
  • Product name / Commercial code N23TA29N0
  • Internal article number N23TA29N0
  • EAN code 4242004203292
  • Construction type Built-in
  • Type of control mechanical
  • Type of control setting and signalling devices sword knobs
  • Energy input Gas
  • Energy consumption of hob   Wh/kg
  • Energy efficiency of hob 60.5 %
  • Total number of positions that can be used at the same time 2
  • Number of gas burners 2
  • Number of electric cooking zones 0
  • Number of electric plates 0
  • Number of radiant plates 0
  • Number of halogen plates 0
  • Number of induction plates 0
  • Number of electric warming zones  
  • Location of control panel Hob front
  • Gas type Nat gas H/E/(L) 20 (25) mbar
  • Alternative gas type Liquid gas G30,31 28-30/37mbar
  • Basic surface material Ceramic
  • Main colour of product Black
  • Color of surface Black , Stainless steel
  • Type of frame Convenience frame
  • Color of frame Black , Stainless steel
  • Alternative colors available  
  • Electrical connection rating (W) 2 W
  • Gas connection rating (W) 4700 W
  • Current (A) 3 A
  • Voltage (V) 220-240 V
  • Frequency (Hz) 60; 50 Hz
  • Approval certificates CE
  • Length of electrical supply cord (cm) 100 cm
  • Plug type no plug
  • Gas connection  
  • Height of the product (mm) 47 mm
  • Width of the product (mm) 306 mm
  • Depth of the product 546 mm
  • Height of the packed product (mm) 167 mm
  • Width of the packed product (mm) 365 mm
  • Depth of the packed product (mm) 585 mm
  • Minimum height for installation (mm) 45 mm
  • Maximum height for installation (mm) 45 mm
  • Minimum width for installation (mm) 270 mm
  • Maximum width for installation (mm) 272 mm
  • Depth for installation (mm) 490 mm
  • Net weight (kg) 6.0 kg
  • Gross weight (kg) 7.0 kg
  • Available languages display  
  • Automatic programme No
  • Location of heating element front middle / central
  • Type of heating element Gas , Standard burner
  • Dimension of heating element (mm)   mm
  • Power of heating element (kW) 0.4-1.9 kW
  • Energy consumption of 1st heating element   Wh/kg
  • Energy efficiency of 1st heating element 61.0 %
  • Location of 2nd heating element middle back
  • Type of 2nd heating element Gas , High-speed burner
  • Dimension of 2nd heating element (mm)   mm
  • Power of 2nd heating element (kW) 0.6-2.8 kW
  • Energy consumption of 2nd heating element   Wh/kg
  • Energy efficiency of 2nd heating element 60.0 %
  • Location of 3rd heating element  
  • Dimension of 3rd heating element (mm)   mm
  • Power of 3rd heating element (kW)   kW
  • Location of 4th heating element  
  • Dimension of 4th heating element (mm)   mm
  • Power of 4th heating element (kW)   kW
  • Location of 5th heating element  
  • Type of 5th heating element  
  • Dimension of 5th heating element (mm)   mm
  • Power of 5th heating element (kW)   kW
  • Location of 6th heating element  
  • Dimension of 6th heating element (mm)   mm
  • Power of 6th heating element (kW)   kW
  • Power on indicator No
  • Plate on indicator  
  • Type of regulation  
  • Type of lid Without
  • Type of pan support Elongated cast iron pan support
  • Type of safety device for gas  
  • Ignition system Yes
  • Residual heat indicator Separate
  • Main on/off switch No
  • Safety device  
  • Timer No
  • dishwasher safe pan support Yes
  • Included accessories  
  • Optional accessories Z2402X0, Z2480X0, Z9914X0
  • Business Value Class  
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